∑ Statistical Societal Services


Sigma3s provides training services to college and undergraduate students, post graduate, PhD students, specialists in business, marketing and management.
We are offering face-to-face and online tutoring. Online Tutoring is preferred, due to more availability, accessibility, convenience, lower cost and more importantly, less time.

Course Tutoring:

Course tutoring is offered in 3 modules, comprehensive, exam review, assignment-based sessions.
Assignment-based session is customized to help you in doing your homework and projects.

Some of the courses which are taught by our team:
Basic and Advanced Statistics, Biostatistics, Quantitative decision making, Statistics in finance and business, Research methodology, Experiment design in engineering, Advanced Statistical Process Analysis, Advanced Statistics for Psychology and Social Studies, Survey and Questionnaire design, descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, Data management, Statistical Modelling for Quantitative Risk Analysis .

Software Training:

SOFTWARE: SPSS Modeler, Minitab, Stata, STATISTICA, SAS, Minitab, R, AMOS, MATLAB, Excel Software training is offered in 3 modules: Basic, Advanced levels and per case. In per case module, training program is customized based on your objectives and needs, such as doing your projects and assignments.

On-line Services and face-to-face
For current rates and information how to schedule training sessions
Contact: info@sigma3s.com

Consulting Services

Visualization your data, based on your needs. Establishing your hypotheses and research questions. Inputting, organizing, and cleaning the data. Implementing the statistical analyses.

Testing reliability (such as Cronbach’s alpha, test-retest reliability, split-half reliability, and inter-rater reliability) and validity (such as content validity, construct validity, criterion validity, internal validity, and external validity).


Statistical Consulting

Technical support allowing unlimited e-mail and phone support to ensure that you completely understand the output.